My name is Steve Austin.  My professional experience spans 25 years as an award-winning town and regional planner, landscape architect, land use attorney, teacher, and community organizer.

One of my passions is studying what makes cities beautiful.  To me the city beautiful is made of a combination of the low energy, low impact and humanizing, inclusive, and dignifying  ways that people have shaped urban living environments. This site highlights the things I’ve discovered.

I take all the photos on this site; I don’t use other people’s work unless noted and only in really special circumstances.

Over the last few months my family and I have lived on Ireland and Cortona, Italy.  Now we live in Totnes, England.  Cortona is a masterpiece of urban design – built by those who simply knew how to make the right place for humans to live.  Totnes is in the vanguard of preparing for the post carbon world. Much to learn and share.

My Bio and CV are here: steve austin bio cv

I’m writing a book entitled No Other Place:  The Reality of Limits and Our Local Future – the companion blog is here

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