Points in space

tork ob

The use of obelisks as points in urban space has long held sway in the minds of humans.  See my post about them in Rome.

This is Torquay.  While not an obelisk in the strictest sense, the tower in the town center serves the many of the same functions as those in Rome.  It is the physical statement delineating to the center of the town.  It is also a visual link to that center, in that the tower is visible from the three main street directions into the center.  I imagine too that it serves as welcome homecoming site to sailors entering the harbor beyond.  It serves a symbolic function of commemoration and Christian heritage.  And it is functional in that provides the time. That’s a lot going on in such a relatively small structure in a fairly small town.

Note how much more pleasant the scene would be with less driving lanes and wider sidewalks.

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