When the last parking lot disappears, will the world end?


Once upon a time, open spaces in cities will be used for people.

This is perhaps the most beautiful residential square in Exeter.  The buildings are varied yet harmonious.   They are dignified.  The scale is just right to create a contained space.  There is a fine texture here, along with a grand conception.

And right in the middle of all this artistic achievement is a parking lot.

Seriously.  A large parking lot.

This is proof that nothing real matters at all in this world.   Not our dead-end dependence on depleting carbon.  Or the fact that our world is destructively warming.  Not the honor of generations of our ancestors.  Nor the pleasure of enjoying human made cityscapes.

Nothing matters but parking our fucking cars. Nothing.  The world will end if we can’t find a place to put them once we enter them at the last place we put them.

One day this will be a productive place:  it will at least sprout plants which will help suck some carbon; perhaps one day it will grow food.  At the very least it will be, even if still covered in petroleum pavement, a space where people will go to meet one another and enjoy the sun.

We may not live to see it, but it will happen.

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