Finsh floor elevations

The pic below shows how two adjacent buildings can have very differing FFEs.

differing finsh floor

I’ll make an assumption for the reason for the differences:  since the street slope is not that great, I’ll say the building on the right has a basement – accessed either through the interior or the rear.  The area is too tight to get a view of the two building’s rooflines, trust me when I say they are aligned.

While materials differ, the overall design scheme is similar, creating a varied and complex but pleasing unity.  Both ground floors have large windows and recessed, inviting doorways.  Both utilize six over six windows.  The lesson is that desirable variety is physically possible even in very close quarters.   Modernism and financialization in architecture is about standardization; there would never be such different floor elevations in two such close buildings in  any new development.  But by approaching each single building in an architectural grouping as a unique design possibility, it is possible to create authentic interest and texture.

Other thoughts:

  • Notice that there is no projecting signage, but ample sign faces face the street.
  • I wonder if the color schemes were coordinated.
  • The sidewalk is far too narrow.  The open area needs to be recreated to eliminate the “street-sidewalk” distinction;  instead it should simply be paved in one material and  all vehicle markings removed.
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