Letchworth Garden City plaza

english piazza not rigthThis is the main plaza of Letchworth Garden City.  This spot was designed around the turn of the 20th century.

The pros are:

  • strong interaction between inside and outside space
  • restrained use of both trees and street furniture
  • wonderfully integrated traffic movement area – a complete street

The cons:

  • Evocative skyline and articulated facades as promised by the building on the left did not carry through the other buildings on this side of the plaza.
  • The buildings are not tall enough to give as much enclosure to the plaza as is needed.  They are essentially 2-1/2 stories, even with the extended roof heights.  To me, only one more story on each would have made this plaza much more cozy.
  • The CCTV tower sends an Orwellian message – but they do everywhere in England.
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