Ode to Color

This is Cobh, Ireland.  We stayed here for two weeks in September of 2012.  Cobh has a really nice scale, and is one of the more medieval like towns in all of Ireland. The “downtown” sits on a bench above Cork Harbor while the rest hangs off of the steep hills surrounding.  A fine, simple promenade lines the harbor front.  And the town’s buildings have been painted in dramatic colors.  I’m not really sure if this is realistic however. The town is visited by large cruise ships 80 times a year.  I get the feeling the paint has been applied to please them – give them a Disney-esque impression of what an “Irish” town is like.   But perhaps in the gloom of winter, when there are no ships, it helps the spirits of the natives.

While the church in the background looks ancient, it was relatively recently built, being completed in the 1860s.  It is the second tallest building in Ireland, and it is rather garishly out of scale for the town.   The spire would have been the last human made land bound object the passengers on the Titanic saw; Cobh was the ship’s last port of call.

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